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About St Mary's Mount Day Care

Elderly Day Care Centre in Uttoxeter

About Us


Welcome to our new innovative Day Care facility.

Our philosophy – Is that getting older doesn't mean giving up the things you love and enjoy. By coming to spend the day with us we will endeavour to rekindle our elderly guest's social lives at the same time reducing the strain on their carers.

Not only is our Day Care service a place for people to socialise, we are also working with groups from the community to provide fun and creative activities.

As we are all unique individuals we realise that what one person may enjoy another person may not, therefore we offer different settings to ensure each guest can take part in activities that are a particular interest to them. We invite you to take a tour of our environment and the different facilities we provide for our guests.

Elderly Day Care Centre in Staffordshire

We love providing the elderly of Staffordshire with warming and exciting day care services. We like to use our innovative day care facility to provide the elderly with activities loved and cherished. We therefore provide exciting and unique services to accommodate the elderly of Staffordshire whilst reducing strain from their carers. Here at our Day Care centre, we offer a variety of different services through our specially developed rooms. Our guests can discuss local Staffordshire events and news in The Ritz Room, take a trip down memory lane in The Blue Room or have a drink and a game of Snooker in The Pub Room. Take a look at our other rooms and see what great services we offer!


Our Day Care Centre expands to the community of Staffordshire, allowing us to work with groups that provide fun and creative activities. Knowing that the elderly of St Mary’s Mount gain social enjoyment really makes our services worthwhile, encouraging us to always provide new and exciting activities. We understand that not everyone at the Day Care enjoys the same activities, and we therefore offer unique settings to ensure our elderly guests take part in activities that interest them. For example, we have local Staffordshire musicians come into our Day Care centre enabling the elderly to sing along to their old-time favourites. We also provide everyday lifestyle services which allow our guests to visit our in-house hairdresser and cookery or, they can simply develop their artistic skills.


We provide a conference room that lets you, the carer, the ability to meet other carers and share experiences and offer support. Our Staffordshire based Day Care Centre also provides training to carers who may need to gain more knowledge in order to cope with caring for their loved ones. We invite you to take a tour of our environment and the different facilities we provide for our guests…

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